THE interior experience


Luxurious Interior and Comfortable Facility

Clients who come to Golden Flower are not rushed, and we do not overbook our clients. Each client is given our upmost care. We strive to create a pleasant, serene atmosphere for our clients to relax in during their visit. 


Air Quality Controlled

Our air quality standards exceed the measures put in place by the EPA and WHO. Many nail salons are exposed to harmful vapors, dusts, or mists from the products that are used. However, at Golden Flower we use chemical-free products and control any chemical exposures. Our salon has full ventilation and we follow appropriate work practices to ensure the health of all our workers and clients.


My friend recommended me this new place and I decided to stop by the other day to check it out... I was immediately greeted by a beautiful arrangement of polish colors and pleased by the brands offered. The salon is so bright and clean and feels luxurious. It wasn’t overcrowded or noisy like other places. The atmosphere is so pleasant and serene..the workers really take their time with you and make sure that you are completely satisfied with their services.
— Angela P.